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Sessions on post-digital life and art with Addie Wagenknecht and Joerg Blumtritt The Hague, Thursday July 7th 2016 “You have to make network culture classy on its own terms. You have to ennoble the vernacular – not by teaching people Latin, but by writing Dante’s Inferno!” Bruce Sterling “It lacks even the appeal of the […]

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House Guests

In Turin I have seen the future of art.

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Seven Ways of IoWT

Do you feel this gender divide as I do? I don’t lack for help from the capable male “Jasmini” but I need women to come to live with me, to talk with me.

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Hardware need not be hard: Our BAYDUINO

This is how the story of our BAYDUINO project went.

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Everything is in flux – constants in a liquid society

[original german version] With each heavy storm of rain Change comes o’er thy valley fair; Once, alas! But not again Can the same stream hold thee e’er. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Constancy in Change)[1] In physics – after all that is the science where, in contrast to the humanities, everything has a set place – […]

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Casa Jasmina

[Den Post auf Deutsch lesen] “We must put human values into things, we must beware of the clashes among things. A smart house can clash with a happy house. The thoughtless convenience of seamless design can clash with the need for control and dignity. The users clash with the people. Our geek hood clashes with […]

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Slow Startups

Remember that time is money. Benjamin Franklin If there are two concepts that seem on exact oposites of each other, it’s “Slow” and “Startup”. On the one hand an emphasis on quality, good living, carefully crafted products, and relaxation, on the other hand a focus on growth, traction, and speed. But as we will argue […]

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Slow – the open alternative to platform capitalism

Uber is the new Google (which was already the new Microsoft, that was maybe the new United Fruits, or the new Standard Oil). And while we hear that “Software is eating the world”, we learn with how little control we are left with. Like shopping malls the walled gardens of the Facebook’s and Google’s Internet […]


Remembering Ulrich Beck

[German version] Somehow, we had lost sight of each other. For 12 years, the theories and ideas of Ulrich Beck had become a kind of significant other for me. Ulrich had even been the reason, I abandoned my chemistry studies in 1997 and changed to sociology (oddly enough, from one Professor Beck to the other). […]

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Ages of Life

[Original German blog post] When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall […]