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Everything is in flux – constants in a liquid society

[original german version] With each heavy storm of rain Change comes o’er thy valley fair; Once, alas! But not again Can the same stream hold thee e’er. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Constancy in Change)[1] In physics – after all that is the science where, in contrast to the humanities, everything has a set place – […]

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What remains of printing

[see german post] Yesterday the printing house in our neigboroughood was getting rid of unuseful things. Lots of printing and typesetting tools, drawers and letter cases were on the street: bulky waste waiting for the garbagemen. Yesterday I already took a big “O” and three small letter cases with me to give them a new […]

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The Brand Eins

[See german post and comments] „To me“, that is what my friend Anna said, „to me slow media is brand eins.“ Everytime she is at home at her friend Peter’s house – who subscribes to the magazine brand eins for years – and everytime she has time and quiet to do so, she reads a […]